Leggings FIBER super heroes
Leggings FIBER super heroes

Leggings FIBER super heroes

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Microfiber Fabric with benefits of advanced technology. Dry Fit and Shape Enhancing with Wide Waistband that creates Support and Comfort
Breathable, hold their shape, dry faster than cotton and retain their color
Shrink and fade resistant. Stretch to Fit. Soft Comfort
ONE SIZE fits All, so no need to worry if you stay or not,
Ranging from size 3 to size 11 , the body shape perfectly well by his court that helps give a better shape to your body.
100% Authentic. Original tags Attached

F I B E R * Best quality in sports fiber for high performance athletes or amateurs.
Colors and designs to the forefront of fashion innovate beyond the limits.
Intelligent fabric with ergonomic design (better than supplex )
Fit with Dry System ( humidity control) which does not allow perspiration marks on clothing, with excellent for jogging or running without sweating the body UV filter , and anti-pilling so that the fabric is not noticed.
Farewell to the famous transparencies cellulite , and you never have to worry about this .

your legging not wrinkle, it's super soft, lightweight, flexible. Fast dry. Much is stretched without form or image warping.
Leggings FIBER super heroes
Leggings FIBER super heroes